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maze car

maze car is the banner for solo work released by voxel records' resident producer thom falls, who has been making music both independently and with bands since his teenage years.

taking inspiration from low-budget retro sci-fi movies and working under the influences of drum and bass, electronica, complextro and experimental pop, this left-field wall of big beats and searing synths is something to savour.

you can read more about the allure of retro tech on his occasional blog, and follow his slightly social media page here.


varjak are the founders of the voxel records project, and having meandered through the music scenes of glasgow, oxford and london, their blend of meeps, sweeps and burbles blend with lush vocals into emotive electronica.

but what is a varjak, though? well, paul varjak is a character in the classic movie breakfast at tiffany's played by george peppard. essentially,the directionless varjak has spent many years as a writer without releasing much material under his name. go figure.

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