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Voxel Records is a small independent record label, set up by Mel and Thom. We survived the 1990s music scene in Glasgow, Scotland, soaking up everything from jazz, through lo-fi punk to intensive drum and bass. Voxel Records was created in 2001 to release the debut EP So Called Science by Varjak, and any other related projects that emerged from our project studio. 


Red Six is our small project studio, used by local songwriters and producers to write and record music. It is also used in conjunction with other pro facilities to create sample construction kits that can be used by other producers worldwide. Check out our ever growing catalog here.


The Voxel Records project has meandered south from Glasgow via the music scenes of Oxford, London and the southern periphery. We are now based on south coast of the UK, close to sandy beaches and half-decent weather. These days, Voxel Records releases the occasional single, researches new music and attends inspiring musical events. We mainly focus on electronica and experimental pop, but have an interest in pretty much anything fresh.


When we are not making noises in the studio, we actively seek out interesting tracks made by original, up-and-coming producers. Each month, we blog about our latest discoveries and share a playlist of the best tunes we found. We're up to our ears in the underground, so if you want a break from commercial dirge, check out the blog every month! 


As a talented singer/songwriter, Mel [Melissa Terras] has played piano in New York bars, followed Tori Amos (in a good way) and is also a professoress of artistically technical things at a reputable Scottish university. Married to the genius behind synth gurus Expert Sleepers, Mel also finds time to write tunes and express valuable opinions on the subject of new music.


Thom [Thom Falls] played drums and engineered sound for many Glasgow bands, serving the likes of the 13th Note, Alex Kapranos and RM Hubbert. These days, Thom twiddles knobs in the studio, runs the label admin and produces the blog. He also designs the odd communication system and some internet.


Contact us for any questions about Voxel Records, our music or collaboration.


Suite 34, 67-68 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8JY

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