maze car cites inspiration from boards of canada, through orbital and hot chip to generic indie pop. to this cup-a-soup sachet of influences, he adds hot water and stirs into his own cruiserweight experimental electronic pop tracks. having started his musical career playing drums for many glasgow bands, he now produces solo work from the red six project studio in bournemouth, and occasionally BLOGS.

maze car is about the allure of retro tech ... like budget sci-fi movies and games consoles from the 70s and 80s. he takes pleasure in mangling acoustic, electric  and digital sounds into something groovy.

but what is a maze car, anyway ...? well, for those that want to know, it is the crudely fashioned but strangely beautiful prop used by michael york to drive around his utopian city in the 1976 film logan's run. whilst it may in actual fact be a simple fibre glass casing around a golf buggy, it kind of embodies the charm of old things trying to be newer than they really are.

varjak are a pair of electronic artists that produce meeps, sweeps and burbles blended with lush vocals, so this organic songwriting bears fruit with some emotive electronica.


having meandered through the music scenes of glasgow, oxford and london the studio-based collective draw on their experiences to produce this original material.


what is a varjak, though? paul varjak is a character in the classic movie breakfast at tiffany's played by george peppard. essentially, the directionless varjak has spent many years as a writer without releasing much material under his name. go figure.

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